The Deposit guarantee Fund

JSC "BANK TRUST-CAPITAL" is a member of the Deposit Guarantee April 28, 2004.


Fund Deposit Guarantee: Each bank depositors Fund guarantees compensation funds on his deposit and reimburse the costs in the amount of the deposit, including interest, as of the day of the procedure for withdrawal of funds of banks from the market, but not exceeding the amount limit of compensation of deposits, set at that day, regardless of the number of deposits in one bank.

Depositor guaranteed deposits in each bank participating in the Fund, but not exceeding 200 thousand UAH. in one bank.


  • «About the system guaranteeing deposits of individuals»

  • «On guarantee Fund of individuals deposits»

  • «Deposit agreement without secrets»

«Terms of guarantee of bank deposits»

"Read carefully the deposit agreement"

"If the bank is found to be insolvent, know how to get a refund"

"Loans need to be repaid, since liquidation of a bank does not terminate the validity of loan agreements"


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Details of the Fund Deposit Guarantee

Details of the current account of the Fund Deposit Guarantee:

Beneficiary: Fund Deposit Guarantee
enterprise code - 21708016
P/O,  32303320301 in NBU m. Kyiv
MFO 300001


04053, m. Kyiv,

str.Sichovykh Striltsiv St. 17


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