Control of compliance rises

JSC "Trust Capital Bank" highly appreciates its reputation with a reliable and stable bank and understands that customers and partners of the bank expect impartial performance of their functional responsibilities by officials.

Professional Ethics
The basic condition of successful business - customer trust. The professional success of the Bank Bank Bank Trust Capital is to comply with the fundamental principles of behavior and conduct of business that justify such trust.

Code of Corporate Ethics The Bank of Trust Capital JSC has rules of conduct, the observance of which is binding on all employees. Their essence lies in honest, fair and professional work in the interests of the client and the bank.

Conflict of interest
in the activity of each financial institution may occur Conflict of interest. In order to properly solve these processes, the Bank of JSC "Trust Capital" has introduced "a policy of preventing conflicts of interest in JSC" Bank of Trust Capital ". The main goals of policy are to ensure fairness in resolving a conflict of interest, to protect the reputation and interests of both clients and their own interests of the bank.

Informing the violation
For this purpose JSC "Trust Capital Bank" introduced the system of compliance-control, which ensures the compliance with the bank of the legislation of Ukraine, including normative legal acts of the National Bank of Ukraine, ethics, internal procedures, proper behavior of employees of the bank.

All services of JSC “Trust Capital Bank” are provided in accordance with the basics of professional ethics and in accordance with the highest quality standards.

If you (the client of the bank, his employee or other interested person) have become aware of the facts of improper actions of the bank's employees, or actions with the participation of bank employees, you can inform us about it.

We ask you to tell us about the facts of violations known to you:

- taking advantage of the form of the violation notification;

-contact the bank of the bank unit personally on the following phone: +38 (044) 206-33-52

- Send a message to e-mail address:;

- by mail with the note "For the compliance of the unit" at 01103, Kyiv, str. Podvysotsky, building 7.

The recipient of your message is the compliance unit of JSC Bank Trust Capital. EveryoneThe message will necessarily be processed with ensuring the security of the privacy Relevance with the Law on Personal Data Protection

Dear Bank customers!

The message filled with the purpose of resolving personal conflicts with officials of JSC "Trust Capital Bank" are not considered.

Claims to the quality of customer service are not the incidents of compliance risks. Information on the procedure of submission of the appeal (claim/complaint), the list of contact data of the bank is posted by hyperlink: