The loan in JSC "BANK TRUST-CAPITAL" is: 
  • Loan currency - the national currency;
  • Forms of credit: Loans, credit lines;
  • Purpose of loan: auto loans, mortgage lending, consumer needs.

Advantages of credit: 
  • Individual approach to each client (the loan term, the loan repayment schedule and interest payment, terms of credit);
  • No monthly fees for the servicing of the loan and additional hidden fees,costs depositing movable property in DORM;
  • Unlimited early repayment without paying additional fees;
  • Classic repayment schedule on the loan (interest is accrued on the actual outstanding balance on the loan);
  • Fixed interest rate;
  • The promptness of making decision on issuance of credit;
  • Transparent and rapid procedure for the review of the loan project and further funding;
  • A flexible approach to the combination of a support;
  • A full range of related products for the customers.
  • We never forget that You always have a choice.

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