• Lending currency - national currency;
  • Forms of lending: Loans, credit lines;
  • The purpose of lending: car loans, mortgage lending, consumer needs.

Lending benefits:

  • Individual approach to each client (loan term, loan repayment schedule and interest payment, loan terms);
  • Lack of monthly commissions for loan servicing and additional hidden payments, costs for entering movable property in EDRORM;
  • Unlimited early loan repayment without additional fees;
  • Classic loan repayment schedule (interest is accrued on the actual loan balance);
  • Fixed interest rate;
  • Promptness of decision-making on the loan;
  • Transparent and fast procedure for reviewing the loan project and further financing;
  • Flexible approach to providing software;
  • Full range of related products for customers.
  • We never forget that you always have a choice.

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1) possible consequences for the client in case of using credit service or non-fulfillment of obligations under credit contract :

- (the amount of the fine - 1% (one) percent of the amount of payment outstanding (not repaid) in terms of repayment (repayment) of the loan; the amount of the penalty - double the discount rate of the NBU, calculated for each day of delay in payment);

- in in case the borrower delays payment of part of the loan and / or interest for at least three calendar months, the bank has the right to demand repayment of the loan, the repayment period of which is not yet has come, in full;

- in in case of violation by the borrower of the terms of the loan agreementand / or terms of other agreements concluded within and / or to ensure the fulfillment of the borrower's obligations under the loan agreement, the bank has the right to decide on early repayment of the loan and in this case the loan repayment period and the borrower's obligation to repay the loan - is the thirtieth calendar day from the date of sending the borrower a request for early repayment of the loan by registered letter or valuable letter with notice of service.

- the bank has the right to carry out in the order of contractual write-off of operations on writing off funds from the current account of the borrower in JSC "BANK TRUST-CAPITAL" and from any other accounts of the borrower opened by the borrower in of the bank on the day of signing the loan agreement, and from those accounts that will be opened by the borrower in the bank and / or available to the borrower in the bank after the entry into force of the loan agreement due to the borrower to pay the borrower credit agreement, on payment of interest, and / or on repayment of the loan, and / or on payment of penalties, and / or on compensation of losses, and / or commission, other monetary obligations which can arise during all term of the credit agreement, in the amount, in terms and on the accounts specified in the loan agreement and / or written notice of the bank.

- Early collection from the borrower, incl. by foreclosure on the mortgaged property (property rights), the amount of debt (loan, interest on the loan, penalty) in violation of any condition of the loan agreement (including a one-time delay in payment of interest) and / or the agreement concluded to ensure compliance borrower's language.

2) that the bank is prohibited from requiring the customer to purchase any goods or services from the bank or a related or related person as an obligation conditional provision of these services (except for the provision of a package of banking services);

3) the fact that the bank has no right to amend the agreements concluded with customers unilaterally, unless otherwise provided by contract or law;

4) possibility for the client to refuse to receive advertising materials by means of remote communication channels.