An electronic payment holder note



Dear customers!!!


         Caring about the safety of operations using electronic payment instruments (hereinafter FTE) to prevent fraudulent transactions, JSC "BANK TRUST - CAPITAL" (hereinafter – the Bank) advises to remember about basic safety measures when using banking products.


  • The Bank shall not be liable to the Client for transactions made using the Customer Card, for which you must enter the PIN code (except a technical malfunction of the ATM of the Bank), and for operations conducted through unprotected communication channels (Internet, telephone network, mail, etc.), and for the possible disclosure of information on the Card account delivered by the Bank with the use of such communication.
  • In the case of observation by the Bank unusual activity on the Card Account or, in the case of receiving information about a possible compromise of Card data, to minimize possible losses of the Client, the implementation of the recommendations and/or requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine or International payment systems (hereinafter – MPs), the Bank may change the size of the spending limit on the Card Account and withdraw Card, to block the Authorization Cards by putting them into the electronic stop – list.
  • After three incorrect entries of the PIN, the ATM card of the Customer "withdraws" (when using a terminal device – the card is blocked). Blocking and removing the Card in this case is a measure for the protection of Client's funds from unauthorized access by unauthorized persons. To unlock the Card, the Customer must contact the Bank by calling the number listed on the Card.
  • If You call the unknown person (scammers) and/or programmed their work (with the help of external systems, interactive voice responses IVR) to Your mobile phone posing as Bank staff (security service, monitoring service, contact centre), with the requirement to conduct "identification" to provide/confirm Your card details, login number/password "Internet-banking", which are necessary for payment and/or provide any other Your personal data, we recommend you to immediately stop this conversation.
  • If You gave the scammers your credit card details, you should immediately contact the Bank (phone number on reverse side of payment card) and to carry out its lock.
  • Be careful when you get messages from Internet site to provide personal information. If you receive such messages do not provide information that is not convinced of the reliability of the website. If possible, open the page in another window and not click on the link in the email.



             Important: check the content that is loaded. Some sites report that the device has the virus in order to trick You to download malicious software. Don't do it.