Settlement and cash services

JSC "BANK TRUST-CAPITAL" offers services on opening and servicing current accounts of legal persons-residents and physical persons-entrepreneurs, to non-residents investors.


Current accounts are opened by the Bank on a contractual basis to hold funds and perform cash and settlement transactions under the agreement and the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine.

Within the cash management services the Bank provides the following services:
  • Opening a multicurrency current account;
  • Opening of current account with special regime of use;
  • Renewal of a current account;
  • Closing of current accounts;
  • The acceptance of cash for enrollment of funds on current account;
  • Acceptance of cash payments (without crediting to a current account) and their subsequent transfer to accounts in banks in Ukraine;
  • Issue of cash from current accounts;
  • Settlement of accounts of clients on writing off of funds from current accounts;
  • The terms of the transfer, its return;
  • Conversion operations in non-cash foreign currency;
  • Operations on sale of foreign currency;
  • The purchase of foreign currency on the interbank currency market of Ukraine.

Model form of agreement:

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