The fraudulent site that issues itself for the Bankid NBU system has been detected

The National Bank warns about possible cases of creating fraudulent sites that are trying to issue themselves for the BankID NBU system. Thus, already have a fact of identifying a fraudulent site where the intruders offered users to leave the payment frame information and financial telephone number. This site is currently blocked.

How to recognize fraud?

BANKID NBU system and its site do not require collecting any information from users. The National Bank does not collect and does not store personal data of citizens, including telephone numbers, and the more payment cards. The system only provides the transfer of personal data to the user in encrypted from its bank to the service provider.

Specify that the interaction occurs exclusively between the portals of services belonging to the system participants. A detailed list of participants of the system contains here .

At the same time, for bias of fraud risks, the National Bank asks users to be careful and carefully check information. In particular, the pages on the Internet, which belong to the National Bank of Ukraine are placed exclusively on the GOV.UA State domain.

How to use the BankID NBU system - see the link : https://Youtu.Be/npcbq_bltbo .