28 April 2020 entered into force the Law of Ukraine “On prevention and counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime, financing of terrorism and financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction” No. 361-IX from 06.12.2019 year, according to which set new requirements for payments. At the same time, this does not affect most normal operations on transfer of money. Problems with remote utilities, payment of taxes, goods and services, or other ordinary citizens ' money, including from card to card, should not occur.

How to make payments from April 28:

Changes in the sphere of financial monitoring:

Previously in the field of view of the financial monitoring operations got 150 thousand UAH. and above, and now from 400 thousand UAH. In addition, each operation with an increased risk had 17 signs, of which left only four:
- introduction, translation, cash withdrawals;
- transfer of funds abroad;
- the operation at higher risk: politically exposed persons, their family members and related entities;
- operations of crediting and transfer of funds of those countries which have not implemented the legislation in the sphere of financial monitoring/offshore.

Every Bank, as a subject of initial financial monitoring is obligated to identify and verify their customers under new rules: • establish the identity of the payer of the transfer, • to accompany the transfer of funds necessary list of data on the payer and the recipient.

Nothing will change for cash transactions up to 5000 UAH.

But the amount of 5000 UAH. now require the identification of the person (providing the passport). Every rule has exceptions. So in this case, the Law is not touched regular payments:
-payment of utilities;
- payment of fines;
- the acquisition of goods or services by payment card;
- cash withdrawals from own accounts;
- repayment of the loan in the amount of 30 thousand UAH.

What you need for verification?

For every citizen it is now important to have at itself the document proving the identity. Such document can be: passport of citizen of Ukraine, passport of a citizen of another state, a certificate of permanent residence, refugee certificate issued in Ukraine and, if necessary, the registration number of accounting card of the taxpayer. In the implementation of cash transactions through the terminals and ATMs identification is easier. If the client has made his payment card in a specially equipped reader, it is already identified. To better explain the Law, the national Bank has prepared answers to the most pressing issues.

Relevant questions and answers of the NBU

If a citizen has 10 thousand hryvnia, which wants to transmit a relative or friend, he should do so and be identified? It is necessary to go exclusively to the Bank and what documents?

If a citizen has the funds in his account, it is better to perform cashless payment to the account of your friend or relative. Such payments are made, as before, without restrictions on the amount. Because the owners of Bank accounts have been identified and verified by banks that have opened such accounts. Such payment simply and conveniently can be carried out remotely using remote services of the Bank. If the citizen is solely cash, then the payment can be done: – the Bank, having a passport; – through devices with cash-in – self-service terminals, ATMs (hereinafter – ptks), which technologically will be able to provide verification of the payer. If, for example, ptks of the Bank where the payer has a card, then the Bank will be able to verify it using this card.

If precatus means relative to do the translation is less than 5 thousand hryvnias? How often do transfers on 5 thousand hryvnias?

Non-cash payments from card to card or from account to account, as before, can be carried out without any restrictions, and to split the payments into parts not necessary. The owners of Bank accounts associated with payment cards, and now have enough to identify. Banks have information about the account holder and the cardholder. They know the operations that you are familiar with the history of his payments have the information that he has given to the Bank by opening an account. In addition, the normal operations of citizens for small amounts are not subject to financial monitoring. It's – a low-risk operations, the Bank will not be meticulously checked. But the new law shifts the focus to analyze the risks and large-scale transactions in the amount exceeding 400 thousand hryvnias. Moreover, the national Bank never demanded that Bank customers are provided information about the sources of funds for normal operations for small amounts.

Or block the payment card if the client twice in a day received at it 5 thousand hryvnias from a relative or friend?

No. Crediting to card accounts of clients – that is the usual operation of the Ukrainians – is not subject to audits for financial monitoring. Such low-risk operations will not interest banks. The purpose of the law is quite different. Banks, according to the requirements of the new law should focus on the highest risk areas – risk and large-scale operations more than 400 thousand hryvnias.

If a citizen wants to transfer the Bank in cash more than 5 thousand hryvnia, having at itself the passport, does it need to confirm their origin? For example, transferring funds for services, helping families and the like.

There should not be.

National Bank never demanded that Bank customers are provided information about the sources of funds for normal operations for small amounts. Citizens don't need for every small payment to have a proof of income or other documents. This applies not only to the transfer of funds to other citizens and payment of goods and services and transfer of funds for own account. To confirm the origin of funds is necessary only during larger – more than 400 thousand hryvnias operations.

Need identification when translated through the terminals on the card for example 10 thousand hryvnia?

This payment can be done at the Bank, having a passport, or through ptks that the technology can provide verification of the payer (count data with his card). If ptks has the following technological functions, then you can safely make a deal for the amount that is needed. If not, then ptks to be a limit and the client just can't make transactions for the sum over 5 thousand hryvnias.

Need identification during transfer from card to another card of 10 thousand hryvnias?

There is no need. After all cardholders have already identified the banks. They can easily make transfers, as before, without any restrictions. Banks already have information about them, you know the usual operation of the payment history and the like. How about the replenishment of the credit card through the terminal? Possible. Up to 5 thousand hryvnia per ptks can be replenished in cash, account or card without identification of the payer. 5 thousand hryvnias – via Bank branch or ptks that the technology can provide verification of the payer (count data with his card).

How transfer from abroad in foreign currency account? Are there any limits, restrictions?

Since we are talking about a foreign currency account existing and already identified customer of the Bank, there are no limits on the transfer of funds to the account of law is not established. As before, there are no limits and restrictions on the transfer of funds to the account listed from abroad, currency legislation or the legislation on financial monitoring is not installed.

And how it will be possible to transfer by swift to the card?

Here we are talking about the transfer of funds in foreign currency effected from account to account. That is, it is identified the existing customers of the Bank. He already has information about these clients, has studied and understands their usual operations. If the Bank such translation seems unusual and it will have questions – it will only be necessary to explain to the Bank the operation.

Need identification when buying goods in the online shop on 40 thousand hryvnias if it will transfer to the card? If the delivery is via a postal operator?

If the payment card is carried out in the online store for a product or service, such transfer of funds need only be accompanied by a card number of the payer. This is one of the exceptions regarding the identification stipulated in the law.

If we are talking about the transfer of more than 400 thousand hryvnia, and there is no confirmation of the source of their origin, the account block, and the funds on it to freeze?

The Bank shall not unreasonably blocking accounts if you has about them all the necessary information. By opening an account, the customer provides the Bank with information about yourself, your income, and the like. The Bank daily monitors and knows the history of client operations and knows which are familiar to him. Therefore, only if we are talking about the atypical operation, which corresponds to the financial possibilities of the client, then the Bank will ask for proper explanations. If the client explain what it is, for example, the result of inheritance, then the Bank will execute the operation, and the client will be able to use these tools.

Is it possible to make payments to charity of 10 thousand hryvnias on treatment of the people. As now this will be?

Everything will be as before. No restrictions on non-cash payments the law does not establish. THANK