general information


to review consumer financial services

(available for the proper information to customers - individuals of compliance with Article 12 of the Law of Ukraine "On Financial Services and State Regulation of financial services" Regulations on information provision by banks clients on banking and other financial services )

1. Information about AT "BANK CAPITAL TRUST" (hereinafter - the Bank)


Full name of the Bank



Location Bank

01103, m. Kyiv, vul. Podvysotskogo, d. 7


Contacts Bank



+380 (44) 206-33-50; +380 (44) 206-33-59;

+380 (44) 206-33-86 - in case of questions of loss / theft of electronic payment.

The location and working hours bank / branch offices can be found at Hyperlink:



- on the inclusion of the Bank in the State Register of banks;

- on licenses and permits issued by the Bank

Bank registered 10.03.2004, EDRPOU code 26519933.

information included in the State Register of Banks

  • registration number 291;
  • date the roster of 10.03.2004.

Bank based on a banking license is authorized to provide banking services. The entry in the State Register of banks on the right bank to conduct banking activities at number 211.

Extract from the State Register of banks 16.08.2021

In addition the Bank is entitled to carry out activities in the stock market based on

License of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market on professional activity at the securities brokerage (DR series number 075833 on 08.09.2012, the period of the license - unlimited )

License of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market: Depository activity depository institution

( AE series number 286715 on 12.11.2013, the period of the license - unlimited).


Contacts authority which performs state regulation on the activities of the Bank

National Bank of Ukraine

Location: st. Institutskaya, 9, m. Kyiv, Ukraine, 01601

Phone number (hotline): 0 800 505 240

official website

2. Information on financial services


range of banking services provided by the bank customer

Bank under Law of Ukraine "On banks and banking activity" may conduct banking business under the Banking License by the provision of banking, financial and other services and operations, including [ ~ 219 ~] [220 ~] 1) attracting deposits (deposits) of funds from individuals,

2) opening and maintaining current accounts and accounts conventional storage (escrow)

3) credit;

4) leasing of individual bank safe,

5) other.

[230 ~] A more detailed list of services and operations available on the individual pages describing the respective banks.


hyperlink to the web page of the Bank, which is placed, depending on the type of service, information about:

- essential characteristics of banking services [for the provision of consumer credit and involvement of bank deposit (deposit)] and the conditions and procedure for granting (for other banking services)

- value, price (tariff rates), depending on the type of banking services [for deposits (deposits) - notestheir minimum value, and for lending - the maximum], the order of determination and payment, the period for which they apply, and size after this period,

- subject to promotional and other similar content of proposals, including their duration,

- amount (limit) on which (th) can be provided banking services (from minimum to maximum), the period of its use (it) (from minimum to maximum);

- a warning to customers in connection with the services and the contract.

1. Regarding the involvement of bank deposit services (deposit)

2. Regarding the provision of consumer credit

3. Regarding the services of opening and maintaining current accounts, including:

3.1. cash management services

3.2.operatsiyi foreign currency

3.3. transactions with electronic means of payment:

4. As regards the provision in the lease individual bank safe

5. As for services in securities trading

6. Regarding the services of the depository institution


Name of the person who provides mediation services (if any)

At the moment - no.

In the case of Bank involvement of intermediaries to provideIntermediary services - information about them are indicated on the description of the Bank's relevant service.


Terms of use of financial services during martial law

The conditions for using financial services during martial law can be found on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine at the link


The portal contains up-to-date information about the operation of the financial system and the conditions for using financial services during martial law


3. Information on the Government Office


Hyperlinks to the bank's web page, where the conditions of typical banking services are placed

1.Tripping agreements of the bank deposit (deposit):

2. Typical Bank Account Agreement and a typical Constitutional Storage Account (ESCRO):

3. A typical agreement on the opening of the current account and servicing the banking electronic payment tool:

4. A typical personal lease agreement:

5. Typical agreements for service services:

6. Public proposal for concluding an agreement on securities account:


The consumer's financial services agreement involves:

a) the right of the client to refuse the contract on the provision of financial services in accordance with the procedure and on the conditions defined by the law, in particular regarding the consumer loan - by the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Lending" ;

b) the right of the client to abandon the agreement in accordance with the procedure and on the conditions provided for by the law and / or agreement between the bank and the client;

c) Depending on the type of chosen financial service by the client, the contract may be determined by the minimum term of the contract;

d) the right of the client to terminate / terminate the contract, to comply with the obligations under the contract; Exceptions are made up of banking deposit agreements (deposit) when it is possibleExtremely in cases stipulated by the terms of the Banking Control Treaty (Deposit).

Discontinuation of the contract on the initiative of the client is possible in the absence of arrears under the contract.

Discontinuation of the contract on the initiative of the client does not relieve the obligation to pay off in full debt in the event of its presence. The client has the right to return a loan beforehand at any time;

(~ 457 ~]

e) an increase in fixed interest rate under a contract in agreement with the consumer, including in cases directly provided by the contract.

4. Mechanisms for protecting the rights of consumers of financial services


Possibility and procedure for extrajudicial consideration of financial services consumers' complaints

An extraordinary consideration of clients complaints is carried out by considering the Bank's written appeals.

Information on the procedure for filing an appeal, the list of contact data of the bank is located by hyperlink:

Hyperlinks to the section "Appeal of citizens" of the official internet representation of the National Bank, where information about the consideration of appeals is posted:

The client appeals to the judicial authorities in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Ukraine. (Customers - Consumers of financial services are exempted from paying lawsuits for lawsuits related to violations of their rights as consumers)


Availability of warranty funds or compensatory schemes applicable in accordance with the legislation.

The Bank is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund from April 28, 2004 and has a corresponding Certificate №163 dated 28.04.2004.

Fund guarantees are distributed to individuals, including individual entrepreneurs

On April 13, 2022, the date of entry into force of the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Ensuring the Stability of the Deposit Guarantee System for Individuals", FULL DEPOSIT, INCLUDING INTEREST, ACCRUED AT THE END OF THE DAY BEFORE THE DAY OF THE BEGINNING OF THE BANK'S WITHDRAWAL.

After the end of the three-month period from the date of termination or abolition of martial law in Ukraine, the Fund will guarantee reimbursement of funds in the amount of the deposit, including interest accrued as of the end of the day preceding the day of withdrawal from the market but not more than 600 thousand hryvnias, regardless of the number of accounts in one bank..

Detailed information is located on the Bank's website by hyperlink:

5. The information provided on the Bank's website in order to provide the client's requirement


Information on financial performance of the Bank and its economic status, which are subject to mandatory disclosure

Information on financial performance of the Bank and its economic status are posted in the section:

Indicators of the Bank


a list of managers of the bank and its separate subdivisions

The list of managers of the bank is posted in the Bank under the hyperlink:

The list of separated subdivisions is posted in the Bank under the hyperlink:


The number of shares of the bank and the size of the shares that are owned by the members of the Board of the Bank, as well as a list of persons whose shares in the authorized capital of the Bank or due to them the number of shares of the Bank exceed 5 percent

Information about the Bank's ownership structure and its key participants is located in the section of the Bank:

Property structure


Other information, the right to receive the legislation

is located in free access on the site of the bank , other open data portals.