Salary card

The salary project foresees the payment of salaries, awards, compensations, travel allowances and other accruals to the company's employees to the individual accounts.

Advantages for the company:
  • The payment is reduced to one Bank transfer. Receipt of funds in the shortest possible time – a maximum of 1 hour after the funds in the Bank.
  • Reducing the security costs for transporting cash from the Bank and issue them to employees;
  • Elimination of interruption in the production process, connected with the receipt of wages by employees in the usual way at the box office.
Benefits for employees:
  • Free cash withdrawals through a wide network of branches and ATMs of the Bank and its partner banks (With an updated list of infrastructure can always be found on the website;
  • Augmentation of funds through the monthly interest accrued on the account balance;
  • The ability to conduct operations abroad at a favorable conversion rate; Free receipt of statements of account;
  • The service M-Banking, which allows a client to receive notifications about transfer of the salary to the account and the operation,
  • to make inquiries regarding account balance, block, map, etc;
  • The safety of transactions through the use of chip technology on payment cards;
  • Free cash Deposit with the relevant details.Possibility to issue additional payment cards for family members at preferential rates;
  • 24 hours a day at Your service Center works round-the-clock support of clients-holders of payment cards of the Processing center “UkrCard”, accepted for consideration the complaints of customers regarding the loss/theft of payment cards, provide information about the account balance and so on.
  • Phone Center: (044) 494-25-91.

Employees of the Bank's Payment Systems Department is ready to respond to Your questions and respond to suggestions.

Management of the Bank's payment systems

Head of Department is Nichiporenko Pavel Vasilievich
Chief economist - Korinets Ivan Mikhailovich
Deputy Head of Payment Systems Department - Amedo Diana Olegovna

tel (044) 206-33-86 (044) 206-33-12
MON-THU 9-00 – 18-00
FRI 9-00 – 16-45